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(Unless otherwise noted, these FAQ's refer to the Chrysler Sebring Convertible, Chrysler Cirrus, Chrysler Sebring Sedan, Dodge Stratus Sedan, and Plymouth Breeze.)

Cloud Car General Problems

JR (2G) - Ding is heard when making a right turn.

All - Blower only works when fan control is turned to "full".

JX (1G) - Instrument cluster gauges act strangely.

JA/JX (1G) - Cruise control light comes on, but cruise control will not work, or will cut out for no reason.

JX/JR (1G/2G) - Sebring Convertible doors make a loud popping noise when they're opened.

Cloud Car Engine Problems

Mitsubishi 2.5L V-6 - Oil pressure light intermittently comes on at idle.

Mitsubishi 2.5L V-6 - Engine fails to turn over when I attempt to start it.

Chrysler 2.7L V-6 - Timing Chain Tensioner Failed/Loud Knocking Noises Heard

Chrysler 2.7L V-6 - Engine Sludge

Cloud Car Transmission Problems

Automatic - Speedometer reads 0 MPH/KPH, and transmission fails to shift.

Automatic - Speedometer acts strangely, and engine appears to surge and/or miss.

Automatic - Transmission fails to shift, and I get a "Check Engine" light.

Automatic - Transmission fails to shift. No warning lights light up.

Cloud Car Performance Exhaust

Why mess with the exhaust system at all?

What is a "cat-back" exhaust?

Is a louder exhaust a better exhaust?

Well, how can I get both a quiet exhaust and performance?

Can I get rid of the catalytic converter?

How big a diameter of exhaust pipe should I run?

What are some examples of exhaust restrictions?

Some say that "an engine needs backpressure to work correctly." Is this true?

Can I use dual exhausts with my cloud?

What's a header?

What does the resonator do?

Cloud Car Performance Intake

What is the K&N drop-in filter part number for my ride?

Why mess with the induction system at all?

Why not simply take the stock tube and filter assembly off and let the engine directly breathe?

What constitutes a high-performance induction tube?

Would an aftermarket induction tube be noisier than stock?

What's the idea behind turbocharging?

What's the idea behind supercharging?

What's the idea behind nitrous oxide injection?

What are some drawbacks to the above-mentioned forced induction methods?

Cloud Car Performance Ignition

What does the ignition system do?

What the heck is timing, anyway?

How do I optimize the timing on my ride's engine?

What's this "performance chip" I keep hearing about?

What's this business about RF interference?

What kinds of spark plug wires are out there?

How important are spark plug wires?

I'm going to use replacement stock wires because my mechanic friend says so, okay?

What do spark plugs do?

What are the different types of plugs out there?

What about the spark plug heat range or index?

Do I need to change my engine's spark plug heat index if I modify my engine?

I've heard that copper is better than platinum. Is this true?

I've heard that iridium plugs are the absolute best plug out there. Is this true?

Can I upgrade the rest of the ignition system?

I want to have the ignition system parts you have. Where do I get them?

Car Information

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MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling & Grippo

Car Parts Vendors

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Franklin Sussex Auto Mall

Performance Ford

Bishop's Used Auto Parts - Middletown, CT



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Navy Federal Credit Union Account Access

Navy Federal's Web Bill Pay Service

MBNA America Net Access

Military Star Credit Program

Computers & Electronics

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Digi-Key Corporation




Micro-Star International

The Tech Page

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Drivers HQ

Microcontroller Information

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Technological Arts

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