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His letter


I just read your reply to an email that you sent one of the chrysler3LV-6 list members.I must say that your opinion is very poor.The valve guides were fixed after 92.The exaust wasn't made by Mitsubishi,it was made by Chrysler.Never heard of a rusty cooling pipe myself.I'm pretty sure that you are comparing the MMC 2.5 V-6 to the 2.4L turbo.If you wanna compare apples to oranges,why dont you put a turbo on the V-6 too.Guess which one would have more power then.These motors have a very nice fat torque curve from the factory.Have you ever driven a 5 speed version with the optional 3.77 gearset?I just swapped mine over from an A-604 4 speed auto to the A543 5 speed with this gearset,and it is amazing.I have hit 0-60 times in the 5's with my car(92 Daytona).I have raced all kinds of vehicles,and win or lose,they ALL wanna see what I got under the hood because my car holds its own.One guy in an Integra even asked me where my turbo was because I beat him so bad. Now I'm not gonna say that I have the fastest 3.0 around.For that,go here:

Tell me that these cars have no power.This one has been dyno'd at 240 H.P. N/A,with well over 400 on the spray.He's now rebuilding it with a R.P.W.(Racing Performance Works,Australia) stroker kit,and He will make more than 300 H.P. N/A when he's finished.No power my ass.These cars respond very well to modifications.Members of our list have dyno sheets to prove this.We have several members125+,who are all thoroughly happy with their 3.0L V-6's.Dont beleive me?Take a look at our registry:

Oh by the way,ever had a Stealth in your mag?Guess what,it's the same bottom end as what's in our cars.Yep,it's a Mitsu motor too.Take a look at these pics:

This is a prototype 3.0 that Chrysler was working on.I quote from the article:

"I doubt they would have wanted it upstaging their (Chrysler's) 2.2 RT Turbo, nor would they want to scavenge from the Stealth sales either."

I have done so many mods to my car that I wont bother with a list,but you can take a look at these pics here to get an idea of some of the things I have done:

The 3.0 V-6 may be a Mitsubishi engine,but it was put in a Chrysler vehicle and sold as a Chrysler.Take a look again at the pic of my upper intake.Can you read what it says?

3.0 LITER V-6

It dont say Mitsubishi.If it was good enough for Chrysler,it should be good enough for you.Isn't this magazines name Mopar Now?As in the new generation of Mopar performance?As in FWD Mopar performance?It dont matter who made what's under the hood.If it's sold by Chrysler,it's a MOPAR. Period.

Ronald Adair
(A very satisfied MOPAR owner)


Bet you ain't got the balls to print THIS in your letters section.

Mopar Now!'s Reply

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.