Here is what Roger Lister has to say about this situation.

I'm still angry. And when I read his response about the "new magazine with Zeros..." to a military (NAVY) friend of mine, he was pissed. He doesn't even like Chrysler products, but what got him so agitated and Me still too, was the reference, "and how many no-good American bastards they killed". Who the hell does he think he is. This creep never served a day in the military or he would never have printed that. That is so insensitive to veterans old and military members today. How callous can he be? Does he not think that he could actually anger enough people? Now he wants to take on the US Navy? And many other Vets of WW2? Oh HELL NO!!!!

Well, my friend has asked me to email it to him. He is a member of a local hotrod club (1974 and older...) with many old Mopars. And, many of these owners are former NAVY too. With the old school guys getting upset too, this certainly could be good for us.

By the way, has anyone posted that response on the newsgroups? I'm sure that would elicit quite a sh*& storm...

Contacting advertisers is good too, but I think if you can each show one old school Mopar owner that response of the creep's, so much the better if a veteran, I think Mr. "Mopar" will have to provide an apology. If HIS boss gets so much negative feedback about his editor, HE will have to do something. Either force the Mopar Now! staff to include us and the turbo 4s, or fire the creep.

So far, this is my stance and response. And I am on a couple of military related mailing lists. They too will be getting this. I'm sending it to as many of military friends as I can find addresses for. This is my stance and my response.

Mr. Ehrenberg will not hear from me. But will hear from many others. Others that I can rally.

This is my stance and my response. So it begins...