Harv's Correspondences With Mopar Now

My First Letter

I must say I was most excited to hear there was soon to be a MOPAR magazine just for the FWD enthusiasts. Finally a chance for us to gain some recognition. Now I know the Neons have been, several times, in your Big MOPAR Magazine, and I've seen a turbo or two in there, but I have seen 0(zero) 3.0L Mitchu powered cars. Granted the 3.0l powered cars, for the most part, can't carve the corners like Neons and they are not 1/4 mile terrors that the turbo cars can be made into, but they are very strong motors with a nice flat torque curve. I saw an e-mail that you wrote to a friend and fellow 3.0L enthusiast. It mentioned the following:

Crop duster effect that is common to this motor.
This problem was seen and fixed by DC(although not in a very timely fashion if you ask me) My '90 Chrysler Lebaron had well over 100K miles on it before I changed the heads(for newer ones) and never smoked a drop.

Rusty Cooling Pipes.
uhhmmm Not sure what you meant by this. I have yet to see any vehicle that did not have rubber pipes for the cooling system.

Worst exhaust on the planet?
I believe that our cars had/have identical exhaust, from the catalytic converter back, as the turbo and even non turbo cars. I know our manifolds are rather restrictive, but that was not a Mitchu part.

Print a story about any 3.0L over your cold rigid body?
Well I really hope this is not so. There are many 3.0L cars that are starting to gain power. 200hp with simple mods is very reasonable. I know several people who are well on their way to building Turbo'd 3.0s. One all the way in Canada, and one right next door to me in Indiana. One gentleman even has the good fortune to gain two of Chrysler's test mule 3.0L Turbo motors. With only a few pulls on the dino these motors looking very impressive. I can't wait till he gets them into a car and starts wiping the streets with your beloved 4cyl turbos, and Neons.

I must say I had huge expectations of this magazine. I was hoping for, just a little, publicity for my beloved 3.0L V6 bastard car. Maybe, if only a couple people saw what potential these cars hold, we could gain a bit of after market support. I guess we will have to look to other sources for this.

I am very disappointed in you, the writers of Mopar Now, and your editors for printing such careless words. I was planning on becoming a subscriber(maybe even a life time subscriber) to your magazine. Now I will only gag as I walk past it on the super market shelves.


Their Response

No need to get into a pissing contest. The simple fact is that the 3.0L isn't a Chrysler product, and the magazine is about Mopars. Not really much more to it. This is indefensible.

How about we do a second magazine, call it 'Import Chrysler', about Hyundai (which D-C just bought into), Mitsu (which they own a controlling interest in), Mercedes (obvious), Airbus Industrie (lage interest), etc. And you can be the editor! It won't need to have a single Mopar part in it! Not one! It can be filled with the porky, total dog 2.5L V-6s, the 'awesome' 2.6L I-4, and all the other good stuff. The first issue could out on the stands by Dec. 7th; so on the cover of the first issue we could have a huge story on the Mitsubishi Zero raid on Pearl Harbor, a special commemorative story about how flawlessly they performed and how many no-good American bastards they killed. Wouldn't that be awesome? What a commercial success it would be, too. We'd probably sell, oh, say, seven copies.

Would you put your real, full name on this magazine? I put my name on my letters, unlike some writers. I also don't use a bogus identity-protecting web-based e-mail like hotmail.

Rick Ehrenberg
Technical Editor
Mopar Now!
Marlboro, New York

What I Sent As A Response

I understand that your magazine is about Mopars. I also realilze that my car has a Foriegn motor. I do not, however, understand how you can show a same year, same make, same modle vehicle with a different motor and not show mine. If I put a turbo from a 2.2, or any other chrysler turbo motor, onto my 3.0L would that make it good enough for your magazine? Even though the turbo is most likely a Mitchu turbo??

If Mercedes and Hyundais started wearing one of the Mopar badges I would expect Mopar people to give them some recognition. Untill this happens your point is mute. My car is a CHRYSLER LeBaron. It doesn't matter what motor it has, it will always be.

As far as your comments about the first issue of 'my' magazine hitting the stands on 7 Dec. and having the front page feature of the Zeros that devistated Pearl Harbor, I am totally appalled and will not even attempt to respond any further.

You ask why I use a bogus identity protecting web-based e-mail. I use it because it is really convienient. I have had this account through Jr. High School, High School, and now through College. It saves me the pain of changing my address and making sure everyone who wants to contact me has my new address.

You also ask why I don't put my real, full name on my e-mail account. Well here you go.

Harvey Allen Hennington II
Student At Southwest Missouri State
Springfield, Missouri

Still awaiting thier response