Joe Ng's letter to and from Mopar Now!

I can't believe the disrespect you guys have for fellow mopar fans. To say that the 3.0 is a weak engine is nothing but blatant ignorance. The only thing that makes this engine weak is the fact that Chrysler detuned it to be fuel efficient rather than high performance. In other applications, such as the Dodge Steralth twin turbo (which shares the same bottom end) this engine has proved to be a very powerfull performer. Besides that, there is nothing wrong with the mitsubishi parts of this engine. It is the chysler parts (intake, exhaust, ECU) that make this engine perform well under its potential. Granted there aren't a whole lot of bindingly fast 3.0 mopars out there, but that's because there are almost no aftermarket parts suppliers. However, that is no reason to talk badly about our engines, imagine if there were almost no aftermarket parts for the 2.2 and 2.5 turbos, they wouldn't be very impressive either. We all have to start somewhere and rather than stifle the 3.0 movement you should try to encourage it. Right now we are pioneering a new segment of mopar performance. I don't even need to mention Rick Lozier's Daytona because I know you've been told about it already, but right there is undeniable proof that the 3.0 is a capable engine. On top of that, you show a picture of Cliff Sebring's 3.0 powered duster, why don't you tell him what you think about the 3.0s? Just because we can't buy our horsepower out of a catalogue like you turbo guys, doesn't mean we can't be fast. Give us a break here, we're no different than you "pure" mopar owners, we're just trying to make the cars we love better. To hear a fellow mopar fan blatantly talk crap about our cars really shows an incredible disregard for the pursuit of high performance.

Joe Ng, a disgruntled Mopar owner

The Response

Whatever. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that the 3.0L is the best engine on the planet. Fine. BUT IT'S NOT A MOPAR. End of story.