Here is what Jay Storm sent and got back.

If you wish to kill the majority of you subscriptions before you hit the 6 month mark, you're well on your way. I hate to be the one to break it to you Mr Ehrenberg, but this ain't the 60's and it ain't the south. I think the majority of mopar fans that are reading this new Mopar Now magazine is open minded enough to look down at such shallow attacks. Then you take this anti-merger attitude and throw it out on Pgs 47-48 with a pic of Cliff Sebring (Jr) in his 3.0 powered Duster. Don't say it's a 2.2 or 2.5 turbo, it ain't. No P-bodied Duster came with a 2.2 or 2.5 turbo. 48 shows an Eagle Talon which even I can't believe I saw in a mopar mag. They don't get more imported than that. What's the difference again...glue used to hold the badges on?

You guys have effectively shut out the 80's turbo cars as well from other sources, and lord knows they are much more of a threat to the other brands on the strip than the "new" Stratus, Neon, PT Cruiser will ever be.

I'll close in saying that I didn't mind seeing the bias toward Mopar in the past when discussing the classic musclecars, I bleed mopar too. But to publicly slam the motor that effectively let CC heal their wallets from turbo warrantee claims and give them the (financial) momentum to create the Viper and design the newer era of true mopar motors? That's just bad taste. You do a great disservice to your readers with this "unanimous opinion of the magazine"

Thanks for the laugh,
Jay Storm