I put James first because he is the one who found the comment and wrote the first message to Mr. Ehrenbrg.
Here is what James Dempsey Jr has written and received.

The First Letter

You know what pisses me off the most. When someone makes fun of my car. You can poke fun at friends, family or me, but not the car. I'm sure you understand my point. I spend so much time with my car. Driving, autocrossing and drag racing. The car only left me strand once with a blown clutch. No, I don't talk to my car like a woman or name my cars. I'm loyal to my car or anything else that performs great and doesn't let me down.

Now what has me annoyed. Page 59, paragraph one, second sentence. To save you the time here is a quote "Hondas, Mazda and Bitsumishis..". Being a Mopar magazine I'm sure you are well aware that Chrysler has used the 3.0 Liter Mitsubishi motor in just about every late eighties and early nineties. Either this is an arrogant comment or spelling mistake. I would like to extend the benefit of doubt in your favor and view it is as a spelling mistake.

My "race" car is a 92 Daytona IROC powered by a 3.0 Since 96 with 54000 miles, this car has been street raced, autocrossed and drag raced. Now with a 138,000 miles the only problem with the motor is ticking lifters, nothing 15w40 has cured. My car may not be the fastest at the track, but it is quick. The car makes 159hp with 183ft lbs of torque at the wheels, runs a 15.3@89 mph(1.5yrs ago) and handling is surprising neutral considering it weighs 3200lbs(race weight with driver), a Daytona and an outdated suspension.

When most people make fun of the 3.0(alot people out their), I brush them off. When a national MOPAR magazine spells Mitsubishi wrong, well I'm going to correct you. It is the least I can do for the 3.0, someone has to stand up this awesome motor. That would be me.

So either check the poor attitude or don't relay on spell check so much.

The Response

Sorry, but to us the 3.0L was a bad jole. No power, overweight, rusty cooling pipes, worst exhaust on the planet, dropped valve guides, crop duster exhaust. And we prefer our Mopars to be all Mopar. No, we're not happy that DC just bought a controlling interest in Bitsumishi, either.

And the later (current) 2.5L is even worse. Less power than the Chrysler-built 2.4L I-4 and 200 pounds more weight. Great combination - for instant dog, that is!

orry, but this is our opinion, one and all here. And all the Chrysler engineers we know concurr wholeheartedly. We'll only run stories on Mitsu stuff over my cold, rigid body.

We consider this a GREAT attitude. Pro-Mopar to the max.


James's response

I'm sorry to read this. Considering you have in the first issue of Mopar Now, featured two Mitsubishi powered cars. On page 47 you have a picture of Cliff Sebring's 3.0 Duster. On page 48, you even give mention to his car and his 3.0 liter powered cars. Calling him "Americans secret weapon"

Also on page 48 you show picture of a show car Eagle talon. A car that is 9/10ths Mitsubishi.

I guess not only is the spell check wrong, but you don't read your magazine.


Before I forget, how about the 2.5 Power Cirrus on page 50. A hole article devoted to a 2.5 Mitsubishi powered Chrysler car.
Oh this isn't going to stop. 189 members of the Chrysler3LiterV6 mailing list is very upset as are ASOG.net members. I was also be talking to support 2.2 turbo camp about this.

was bad enough when the SDML(shelby dodge mailing list) wrote of the 3.0, now a major magazine.

3.0 owner taking a stand.