Here is what David Reinecke has sent to Mr. Ehrenberg

To Mopar Now! Magazine;

I am very disappointed to learn that a magazine that purports to be a Mopar FWD enthusiast's forum has turned out to be nothing more than a racist rag. In declaring you racist, I am referring to your response to one of our Chrysler 3.0 V6 DL members, Adam Baumbach, shown below, as well as your hate for the Mitsu built motors that Chrysler utilizes.

"?..How about we do a second magazine, call it 'Import Chrysler', about Hyundai (which D-C just bought into), Mitsu (which they own a controlling interest in), Mercedes (obvious), Airbus Industry (large interest), etc. And you can be the editor! It won't need to have a single Mopar part in it! Not one! It can be filled with the porky, total dog 2.5L V-6s, the 'awesome' 2.6L I-4, and all the other good stuff. The first issue could out on the stands by Dec. 7th; so on the cover of the first issue we could have a huge story on the Mitsubishi Zero raid on Pearl Harbor, a special commemorative story about how flawlessly they performed and how many no-good American bastards they killed. Wouldn't that be awesome? What a commercial success it would be, too. We'd probably sell, oh, say, seven copies?.."

What amazes me about this comment is the fact that the date rolled forward to the year 2000 for most of us, except for you and your magazine. Your comment shows poor judgement in taste in today?s day and age. I feel that it also degrades the Americans that were killed during that time. That?s all I?m going to say about that.

My ?wimpy? 3.0 V6 is autocrossed regularly, and most often beats about half of the Neons. And this car has only had a small amount of work done to it with an average driver.

I'm used to the Ford vs. Chevy vs. Mopar debates, and I thought this magazine would stay out of that area and pull all FWD Mopars together. Instead, you?ve managed to alienate a huge segment of folks that were really hoping to finally have some camaraderie with other Mopar FWD enthusiasts. What you?ve really done is taken the same approach the concours Corvette folks have: Snobbish.

My Shadow is a Dodge. My dealership acknowledges this, my parts stores acknowledge it, and so does my insurance company.

Anyway, thanks for saving me subscription fees for your magazine. It?ll be money better spent elsewhere.

David Reinecke
1993 Dodge Shadow ES 3.0