Here is what Adam Baumbach Had to say(this letter went to Mopar Action, High Performance Mopar, Mopar Now and Mr. Rick Ehrenberg himself)

Dear Mr. Ehrenberg, I find your recent comments to and directed at 3.0L V6 owners immature and unprofessional. I also own a 1992 Dodge Daytona ES 3.0L V6 and I am totally appauled by your recents comments and actions. You have NO RIGHT to question our Mopar loyalty in ANY context. My Father grew up a die-hard Mopar fan owning more Mopar's than you've probably ever seen including one fast 1966 Plymouth Barracuda, a beautiful blue 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T vert. and his current work, a 1966 Dodge Charger that runs in the 12's on the mildly built 383. Also, your comments about the Mitsubishi Zero's are so far off nature it has NOTHING to do with our engines! When was the last time you heard somebody compare Chryslers Marine division to there Hemi engines? I used to like you Mr. Ehrenberg, I own EVER single copy of Mopar Action and High Performance Mopar made. I was going to start buying Mopar Now magazines untill I heard about your latest comments. Our engines may not be Mopar but our cars our Mr. Ehrenberg and that is what counts. Have you ever stopped to think that you are being a total jerk in this whole ordeal? If not, let me tell you that you are. Not EVERY car that Ma Mopar has produced has been 100% American. Just look at the late 80's/early 90's turbo cars that your magazine is supposed to cover. Many of them came with Mitsubishi turbos, I don't hear the turbo crowd pissing and moaning like you are. And what about the Dodge Stealth R/T and/or Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4? They came with the same 3.0L engine we have, just two turbo's more. Both those cars haul ass! But since you seem to be so blinded recently I doubt you care two cents about what I am saying. I have included a letter that I am sending to Mopar Action, High Performance Mopar and Mopar Now. Maybe even Chrsyler Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors if I feel like it. You need to realize what you said in your magazine and to some members of my fellow email groups was wrong and completely unprofessional. And you call yourself and Mopar fan to the max, bullshit!

To all Mopar fans alike. There is something that needs to be discussed and since this magazine is one of the main sources of such information I feel this is the best place to show my displeasure as to what has happened recently. In the last few weeks a new Mopar magazine (Mopar Now) was released that would deal specifically with FWD Mopars and late-style Dodge trucks. This release shocked many of us in the FWD community because we have not had a national forum as our V8 powered Brothers have had. We were delighted to hear of the new magazines arrival. But after seeing some comments in the most recent edition it has brought light onto a subject not touched above by any magazine to date that I (and many others) believe should be brought up. I currently own a 1992 Dodge Daytona ES with the Mitsubishi 3.0L V6. I am also involved in two emailing lists that talk about the 3.0L V6 and the Daytona body-style cars. In both lists we have helped each other out tremendously by coming up with performance ideas and basically just 'pooling' our knowledge to help out the hobby as a whole. But in this recent article, the magazine's tech editor (Mr. Rick Ehrenberg) made some comments that I believe should be heard by ALL Mopar enthusiasts. He made comments in the magazine about the 3.0L engines basically being horrible engines with little or no potential and should just have been used for scrap metal. After numerous people emailed him about his comments, he had NO sympathy for us and replied with total ignorance, let me quote his direct words from a direct email to one of our members:

"…..How about we do a second magazine, call it 'Import Chrysler', about Hyundai (which D-C just bought into), Mitsu (which they own a controlling interest in), Mercedes (obvious), Airbus Industry (lage interest), etc. And you can be the editor! It won't need to have a single Mopar part in it! Not one! It can be filled with the porky, total dog 2.5L V-6s, the 'awesome' 2.6L I-4, and all the other good stuff. The first issue could out on the stands by Dec. 7th; so on the cover of the first issue we could have a huge story on the Mitsubishi Zero raid on Pearl Harbor, a special commemorative story about how flawlessly they performed and how many no-good American bastards they killed. Wouldn't that be awesome? What a commercial success it would be, too. We'd probably sell, oh, say, seven copies….."

Now excuse me for being blunt but this is TOTALLY unacceptable from the editor of a national Mopar magazine. I don't think I need remind anybody that my car is a DODGE DAYTONA, and although it does have the Mitsu 3.0L V6 the rest of the car is from Ma Mopar. Now this brings me to the point I've been trying to make. We as a hobby and as a profession need to bring Mopar fans together, not alienate them like Mr. Ehrenberg has tried to do. Why must there be this invisible battle of supremacy between the FWD crowd and the RWD crowd? Why can't we all get along and continue to dominate the strip and street like Mopars were ment to do. Please do not question my Mopar loyalty when reading this article, as stated I currently own a 1992 Dodge Daytona but other vehicles in my family's garage are a 1994 Dodge Ram 5.9L and a 1966 Dodge Charger 383. My father (who also lives 100% Mopar) has owned MANY Mopar vehicles including a fast little 1966 Plymouth Barracuda and a beautiful blue 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T among many others. So I guess in closing I would just like to say that I hope to see more friendly competition between FWD and RWD Mopars, if we stick together we can accomplish much, much more.

Adam Christopher Baumbach
Maytown, Pennsylvania